The Awareness | ISSUE #2 |

 I wont call this a story as its not its more like a chapter of your life which you wish daily you didn’t have and that it never happened to you and i often question why would an adult do such a terrible thing to a child?

I was raped from the age of 8 till the age of 13 by a male adult I was made to dress up in clothes and lingerie, it went on for years I was scared frighted and only a little girl when it started. I was told by him to never tell anyone as no one would ever believe me and that if I did tell anyone he would kill my mam and my brother. As i child i believed it, that is why it went on for so long.

I remained silent for years as these animals are very clever, they manipulate you and make you feel like you’re the only person in the world who wants it to stop. I had my childhood taken away by an animal who was meant to be a stepdad.

Eventually the case went to court he got 9 year 4 month which was halved so he was out in 4 and a bit year, he was put on the sex offenders register for life.

When questioned by the police about the abuse he claimed I was lying and that i had a active imagination but after questioned and questioned by such fabulous police officers at Middlesbrough and Peterlee police stations one been P.C STAFFORD which ill never be able to thank enough for helping me, they finally made him crack and admit not to all of what he did but only parts as much as i want the world to no hes name and how hes a horrible vile dirty bastard i can’t.

His name was published in the paper which is not read and shared as much as Facebook which yous guys know! But people who did read it are aware of his name at the time yes many may judge me for not enclosing his name and say by not saying his name im putting other children at risk. Which i am not, hes now out of prison which means he has a new name new house and a whole new life yes the system in this country sucks i agree !  (my reason why i wont enclose his old name)as a big sister to my little brother i have a duty to protect him from all the bad in this world and wouldn’t want the name to be made public on social media for my brother to be ever told by others or even to read when hes older as he only knows him by his old name.

I’m now 26 he got convicted in  2009 I’ve never spoke or told anyone every part of what happened other than one police woman yes family and some close friends no parts but not it all. I’ve suffered years and years of personal mental health problems ive tried to take my own life, I’m on anti depressants which dont help me in anyway to feel any better ive bottled this up and kept it so quite for such along time i now no and have realised which is only in the last couple of weeks that ive let that animal ruin my life for so many years. I’ve survived! I’ve fought! I stopped thinking his lies were true I managed to speak out! I stopped this from happening any longer!

Yes he did get convicted the conviction of 4 and abit year didnt make me feel any better it may to some others which have been through the same as me but to me it didn’t so if you’ve spoke out and not getting a conviction and are so mad that you driving yourself crazy and making yourself ill.


A conviction sends them to prison for a couple of years due to our terrible system they come out with a new name a new house yes a conviction does make the police aware and gets logged down what these animals are but its already logged and they are aware from the minute you speak to them if your reading this and your like me who has so many problems dont do what i done and try to end your life you will realise like me you have the rest of your life to live dont let animals like them ruin the rest of your life aswell.

Go get the help you need talk to someone professional I’ve took the step in the last week like me you also can aswell but PLEASE PLEASE if its happening to you now or no someone it is or it did as a child SPEAK OUT YOUR BRAVE AND HELP STOP THESE EVIL ANIMALS TO HURT ANYONE ELSE !!!!!

From me personally I know what effects it has on a person i would like to say a big big thank you to all the team at GUARDIANS OF THE NORTH for all the work yous guys do you take the time out of your lifes to make the public aware yous catch these evil animals and try to get a conviction before they can hurt some innocent poor child i realise you can’t show there faces for many of reasons around conviction i also realise yous really do put up with alot of crap and verbal words for not showing peoples faces but like myself you may agree our system really is wrong yous guys can only do what yous are allowed to do  FOR THE PEOPLE WHO KEEP SAYING ITS WRONG YOUS DON’T SHOW THERE FACES AND GIVE YOUS ABUSE YES I AGREE WITH YOUS ALL IT IS WRONG BUT THE LAWS WRONG BUT IF THESE GUYS DIDN’T STICK TO THE LAW THEY WOULDN’T BE ABLE TO PROTECT ALL THE CHILDREN THEY WOULD GET SHUT DOWN THEY ARE STOPPING IT  HAPPENING TO CHILDREN SO INSTEAD OF MAKING ABUSIVE REMARKS GIVE THESE GUYS THE CREDIT THEY REALLY DO DESERVE THEY REALLY ARE THE WORLDS HEROES AND DON’T GET ENOUGH CREDIT FROM THE PUBLIC SEND THEM A SIMPLE THANK YOU AND LET THEM NO HOW PROUD OF THEM THE PUBLIC REALLY ARE FOR ALL THE HARD WORK THEY DO IT ISN’T A EASY PROCESS TO GET A CONVICTION I NO I’VE BEEN THREW IT TAKES TIME CAREFUL QUESTIONING AND SOME REAL HARD EVIDENCE FOR A CONVICTION !!! THESE GUYS DIDN’T MAKE THE LAW BUT THEY DO HAVE TO STICK BY IT xx