Louis Douglas [CAUGHT]

22 Year old Louis Douglas was caught by The Guardians of the North in June 2016 after talking to a decoy account for over 3 months. Louis believed he was talking with a 15 year old girl and sent a series of indecent images and videos of himself performing sexual acts.

After a series of highly detailed messages, Mr Douglas requested a meeting at the North Shields ferry terminal, close to where he lives. He was instead met by the Guardians of the North and was arrested shortly afterwards.

Mr Douglas had no previous convictions other that a caution from 10 years ago for unrelated crimes. There was no evidence to suggest any contact with any children had been made other than that with The Guardians of the North

The sentencing judge called Mr Douglas a high risk to the public and children, that he was also a very high risk of re offending. He sentenced Mr Douglas to 2 years in prison, an indefinite sexual harm prevention order and 10 years on the sexual register.

Mr Douglas arrived at court on the day with no personal possessions as he was advised by his legal team that he would likely receive a slap on the wrist.

Usually we would have a video from the initial meeting but due to technical issues from the early days of Guardians of the North we were unable to salvage anything from our then outdated equipment.