Unknown Male [CAUGHT]

The featured male was originally born in Ireland but had moved to Roker, Sunderland. We were unable to confirm his age during the chats with our decoy. During extensive chats, the unknown male invited our decoy, a 14 year old boy to his home address for sexual activities that extended to full intercourse.

Once the offer had been made by the perpetrator the chat logs and all evidence was handed over to the police and the male was apprehended at his home address. The evidence gathered was as extensive as any of our other encounters and the male had discussed many activities in depth, however when he was summoned to court he received no sentence. He was given a caution and forced to sign the sex offenders register.

The unknown male is still at large and his whereabouts are relatively unknown to the general public, he is a risk to children and should not be allowed to be unchecked.